Friday, 3 January 2014


So Guess where I took my new #Guess bag for a ride ? Yes, thats right ! It's Manali festival (India)
I was with my cousins out to enjoy the fun and frolic colours in my colourful pants and black top from #Zara. My Grey beaded sweater is from #Primark and the belt is from my sister’s closet hehehehe.. I haggled the boots from a store in Thailand, They are super comfy !

Are you wondering about the stick in my hand ? Its from the INDIAN TRIBAL CRAFTS SHOP, a very special place here in Manali that has all of these amazing things made by the tribal people all around India.. I got a few things that are going to be there in my future posts. As far as this one is concerned, its an bamboo air flute. You spin it round in the air and it produces lovely sounds like that of a flute.

Top : Zara
Sweater : Primark
Pants : Zara
Bag : Guess
Boots : Thailand
With love,
For #TeenVogue

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