Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I woke up this morning to another non-sunny day. So, I looked at my closet and took out my favourite Pink Silk Scarf and started planning my colour palette of the day around it. As I grabbed my yellow Zara high neck and blue top, my Blue zara jeans popped out, resulting in these exact the words “awh yess”. This was because they went missing after my sister raided my closet last week haha. I paired these up with the polka dotted H&M coat and high Boots that I scored on the thai streets. Threw on a few animal inspired accessories from Forever 21 and was good to go!! *wink* *wink*

Hot blue Top : #Zara
Sunshine Yellow high neck Sweater :#Zara
Grey polka dotted Coat (gift from my sis Nancy, Love you didi) : #H&M
Pink Silk Printed Scarf : Silk Emporium, Bangalore (India)
Orange and Turquoise leather Bag with Animal print faux fur detail : #Guess
Blue Jeans : #Zara
Tweed Boots : Thailand Streets
Horse Bracelet, Rings and hair accessories: #Forever21
Red Nail polish : #Maxfactor Glossfinity in red passion 110

With Love,
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Monday, 20 January 2014

Holographic Schuh

Well I never believed in love at first sight until I saw this pair of holographic shoes at the Schuh store on oxford street.. As we are talking about the topic of love so this jacket was not behind in the line.. I went to shop in the amazing sale at Zara and there it was, hanging with glory, in the “fresh stock section".. Damn! I said but then I gathered all my courage and got this piece of sky to be on my shoulders! Love the Sky blue leather with quilted details and the silver zippers. I paired all of this up with sister stuff as follows..

Turtle neck navy blue Sweater : #Zara
Grey and black Waist Coat : #UnitedColorsOfBenetton
Sky blue leather Jacket : Zara
Arm Candy : #Aldo and #Accessorize
Jeans : Zara
Shoes : #Schuh 
Hope you all like it..
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Friday, 3 January 2014


So Guess where I took my new #Guess bag for a ride ? Yes, thats right ! It's Manali festival (India)
I was with my cousins out to enjoy the fun and frolic colours in my colourful pants and black top from #Zara. My Grey beaded sweater is from #Primark and the belt is from my sister’s closet hehehehe.. I haggled the boots from a store in Thailand, They are super comfy !

Are you wondering about the stick in my hand ? Its from the INDIAN TRIBAL CRAFTS SHOP, a very special place here in Manali that has all of these amazing things made by the tribal people all around India.. I got a few things that are going to be there in my future posts. As far as this one is concerned, its an bamboo air flute. You spin it round in the air and it produces lovely sounds like that of a flute.

Top : Zara
Sweater : Primark
Pants : Zara
Bag : Guess
Boots : Thailand
With love,
For #TeenVogue