Wednesday, 22 January 2014


I woke up this morning to another non-sunny day. So, I looked at my closet and took out my favourite Pink Silk Scarf and started planning my colour palette of the day around it. As I grabbed my yellow Zara high neck and blue top, my Blue zara jeans popped out, resulting in these exact the words “awh yess”. This was because they went missing after my sister raided my closet last week haha. I paired these up with the polka dotted H&M coat and high Boots that I scored on the thai streets. Threw on a few animal inspired accessories from Forever 21 and was good to go!! *wink* *wink*

Hot blue Top : #Zara
Sunshine Yellow high neck Sweater :#Zara
Grey polka dotted Coat (gift from my sis Nancy, Love you didi) : #H&M
Pink Silk Printed Scarf : Silk Emporium, Bangalore (India)
Orange and Turquoise leather Bag with Animal print faux fur detail : #Guess
Blue Jeans : #Zara
Tweed Boots : Thailand Streets
Horse Bracelet, Rings and hair accessories: #Forever21
Red Nail polish : #Maxfactor Glossfinity in red passion 110

With Love,
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